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We’re back!!

After a virus attack on not only the web page but my computer also, I am finally getting my act together enough to get this page up and running.  But before I go any further I wish to thank Tom Adams, Ivy Butler, Leonard Carlquist, Ray Kowalski and Dudley Sook for stepping up and sending enough money for us to pay for a multi-year contract with our web host.  Many wanted the web site back, only you four helped make it possible, thank you. 

I want to welcome to the Association:

William (Bill) Sellers

Elvis (Wayne) Specher

We have lost a few from our ranks over the last couple of years, check the Memorial Page or the Roster to see if you know anyone. I’m afraid the Memorial page is growing at an alarming rate.

As far as this web site goes we are getting ready to post a link to Utube, we have obtained three home movies recorded in country from three different years. Thanks to a very Tech suave neighbor who is helping me get caught up on all the technical advances after a two-year hiatus from computers and Mike Kluttz, we should have them up shortly. 

Should you have any old 8mm movies taken during your time in Vietnam packed away somewhere, and wish to share them, you can now have them transferred to DVDs.  This not only will preserve them but also makes it possible to put them up on the Internet.  The intention of this web page has always been to preserve the history of our unique unit in any form.

We are on Facebook at "267th Signal Company Alumni Association".  I encourage all to join us there.

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