The following photographs are of the pole line the 267th (1st Platoon) constructed up V.C. Hill, Vung Tau in 1966 (One of our first projects). Because of the grade this all had to be done by hand and manpower.
Thanks to Rodney Ford for these photos.



Humping pole uphill



It took considerable manpower to get these up the hill



Using pole-carriers the poles where brought to the hole dug for it



Once at the hole the pole is raised by hand and pike poles



The pole is slowly raised



With the aid of pike poles up it goes



The pole is slowly raised and drops in the hole



Pike poles ensure that the pole stay semi-straight



Aligning pole for straightness (note: man uphill)



"Looking good!" Filling in the hole and tamping the ground around it.



The poles are up and ready for hardware



Hardware on and strand is strung, next and last comes the cable