Rick Drews took these photos at the Second Reunion. Thanks again Rick for these.
Thanks also to the management and staff of the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport for everything you did to make this possible.



Thursday Night



Thursday Night even though the event was scheduled to start on Friday - Inpromtu get together



L-R: Ron Mills, Harold Rideau, Rodney Ford, David Champagne, Doug Friemuth



Doug Friemuth, Lyle Couch, David Desotell



The ladies table



Ladies Table -Thursday night



Leroy Hohman, Ray Kowalski and Mike Kluttz



Bruce Barcik and David Champagne


Friday Daytime



Mike Kluttz, Rick Fehr, Linda Kluttz and Jane Fehr waiting for the shuttle



June, Mike, Linda and Rick waiting for the Metro



Another inpromtu meeting Friday Afternoon


Friday Night - Meet and Greet



Start of the night



Harvey Lacey(At laptop)Fred Kirts, Jan Kirts, Steven Aubry and William (Fritz) Fitzpatrick



Tom Russel, Gene Cornthwaite and Leroy Hohman



Going over pictures Friday afternoon



Soonja Fitzpatrick, Fred Kirts, Ed Ciacciamai, Steven Aubry and Susie Aubry



Charlie Lloyd (Background) Bruce Barcik, Ron Bost, Ken and Diane Bickford



Paul Naga, Lyle Couch, Doug and Ramona Freimuth



Friday nights festivities(in the backdground standing in front of the banner is Dudley Sook and at right looking at the camera is Bill Kohnan



At the right in glasses:Our "Honored Guest" Command Chief Master Sergeant William Phillips of the Missouri Air Guard, stopped by to have a drink with the "Old Guys"



Friday night's meet and greet, the place was packed.



Around the table: Mike Kluttz, David and Bev Champagne, Mary and Ed Delaney


Saturday Morning Association Meeting



Meeting - "Guys only"



Charles Brunk, Ron Mills, Phil Farina, Doug Vassen, Harold Rideau, Rick Fehr, David Desotell



(Clockwise): Paul Naga, Gene Cornthwaithe, Bill Kohnen, Fred Kirts, Rudy Ward, Ron Bost, Ken Bickford, Dudly Sook and Dave Poulos



Phil Farina, Joe Lippis, Leonard Carlquist, Leroy Hohman



(Clockwise from the Bottom left) Frank Collins, David Krygiel, Dave Edmonds, Fred Kirts, Joe Lippis, Steven Aubry, Ed Delaney,
Charlie Lloyd, Rodney Ford and Fred Schmidtke



Saturday's metting



Welcome Banner - Thanks to Mike Kluttz for a great job on it



L-R:Ron Bost, Ken Bickford, Dave Poulos, Paul Naga, Gene Cornthwaite, Bill Kohnen and Tom Russell



Saturday's meeting - Ron Mills,(looking at the camera) Ken Hightower,(In the Back) Phil Farina and Doug Vassen



Ray Kowalski, Charley Bowen, Frank Meade, Orren Hightower and Ken Hightower


Saturday Afternoon



Gene Cornthwaite, Charles Brunk, Harold and Juainta Rideau



Jane and Rick Fehr, Gene Cornthwaite and Charles Brunk, (Background)Bruce Barcik, Mike Kluttz, Linda Kluttz(with back to camera)



Mary Desotell,Bruce Barcik, Dave Edmonds, Lyle Couch, David Desotell


The Banquet



(L-R)Mary and David Destotell, Ramona and Doug Freimuth



Charlie Lloyd, Gene and Joan Bent, Eileen Poulos



Regina Drews, Harvey and Glenda Lacey, Soonja and Fritz Fitzpatrick



?,?, Ray Kowalski, Jan and Fred Kirts, Charley Bowen



?, ?, David Krygiel, Fred Schmidtke, ?, Linda and Rodney Ford



Another Banquet and this guys making a speech again, Bruce Barcik



Rodney Ford excepting "Above the Best"Award from Bruce Barcik



Mike Kluttz excepting his "Above the Best"Award



Rodney Ford, Bruce Barcik and Mike Kluttz - All instrumental in putting the reunion together



Rodney Ford thanking David Krygiel and Fred Schmidtke for their help in choosing the Hotel (A great choice!)



Mike Kluttz introducing Bill Kohnen to deliver the invocation



Memorial Table - Those no longer with us



Harvey and Glenda Lacey, Soonja and William Fitzpatrick



Sandy and Charles Brunk, Regina Drews



The 267th Signal Company Alumni Association thanks St. Louis for a great time.