Jerry Phelps sent in these Photos - Jerry was in the 2nd Platoon - July 1968 to July 1969

Jerry - Can Tho - 1969

Roger Petrich

Rudy Ward after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher

Rudy Ward with a fire extinguisher looking for revenge, Roger Petrich in background

Tom Caires watches as two POW's duke it out. Tom arranged this little PT sesssion.

Tom declares the winner, mama-san by a kickout in the third. And the crowd goes wild!

Roger Petrich takes a picture of Vietnamese mother and children in Can tho

Charlie Rayburn and Roger Petrich in Can tho

Charlie Rayburn, Rudy Pena, and Jerry Phelps in Bearcat Motor getting ready to go to Tan Xion

The 267th makes an impact whereever we go!

Right Rudder! Right Rudder! What idiot left those poles sitting the runway?