October 2010


Our Roster has grown to over 200, this makes us the largest Signal (Company size) Alumni Association from the Vietnam Era by far and still growing, thanks to all of you. Check out the Roster of Alumni for a name or two you might recognize, I am adding to this all the time so check often.

With Veterans Day approaching, many restaurants throughout the country offered free meals to Vets, I hope you partake, you deserve the honor. Take a moment on that day to remember the guys who are no longer with us, gone but not forgotten.

Preparation for our third Reunion is under way. We have set the date for the Reunion for June 9th through the 12th 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada, though we have yet to determine the Hotel. We're working on that and I will post it as soon as we have one. I am trying to negotiate the best deal, like many, funds are short, so we're looking for the best deal we can find. In today's economy you would think that's a no brainer, but it seems that you still have to wheel and deal to get a bargain. In any case, I hope you will make plans to attend, these Reunions are not to be missed and to tell you the truth we're not getting any younger, as witnessed on the Memorial Page, it's growing larger.

This has taken too long to post and I apologize to Alex for it. Pictured below is a photograph of Alex Quintanilla (First and Third Platoons - July 1967 thru February 1970) and his Stepson upon his graduation from Air Force Boot Camp at Lackland Air Force Base. Alex is very proud of him as well he should be. We wish Jorge all the best of luck.

In a recent trip to California, I was able to stop off and see a couple of guys from the Second Platoon (1967-1968). Ron Bost and his wife Toni, Ron is in the process of restoring a 1938 Chevy (see picture below). He's done a spectacular job on it and is rightly proud of it.

I also had the opportunity to stop by and visit Dave Stanion and his wife Joann, both are looking great and doing well. (See picture below, with his granddaughter).

The Association is now on Facebook at "267th Signal Company Alumni Association". This is just another way of keep in touch. It offers a place to post pictures, videos and has a place for discussion groups. I encourage all to join us there.



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