Logan Nolan sent in these Photos - Logan came over on the ship and was with the third platoon - 1965-1966

Logan Nolan making Chicken and Rice for dinner

Dennis Zuroff and Logan Nolan

Michael Bubniak and Logan Nolan on In-Country R&R - Vung Tau - 1966 (nice tan Logan)

267th Signal Company at Fort Carson ready to leave for Viet Nam - November 11, 1965

Third Platoon does a little PT while aboard the General D.I Sultan enroute to Vietnam

Third Platoon's area in Long Bihn - November 1966

All the comforts of home! Each platoon brought a washing machine from the States

Unloading concrete pole, those wonderful concrete poles, not if you had to climb them!

Working in Bien Hoa off the Line Truck

V.C. in Prisoner of War Camp

"Staff Sergeant Nolan reporting for pay, Sir"

Building Hootches in Long Bien - June 1966

Third Platoon's area - May 1966

SSF Logan Nolan and his driver