267th Webpages, Units (we served with) Web Pages, Veteran Organizations, and Others


Harvey Lacey's Web page
Many pictures of fellow Snakemen, Places and Stories

The 267th Signal Company's Unit Page
Our Unit on "" web site. 267th members past and present
Thanks to Paul Nega for putting it together

The 267 Signal Company's Unit Page
267 on "" web site. 267th members past and present
Thanks to Mike Kluttz for putting it together

1st Signal Brigade's Web page
Pictures, Reunion Info, Photos, Links & more

The Wall
Always worth a visit

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Hey, that's us!

American Legion

Vietnam Veterans of America
News and help, for and from fellow Vets

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Special Forces - Vietnam
We supported some of these camps, ie. (B-33) Hon Quan and (B-34) Song Be

1st Enginner Combat Battalion
Photos of Quan Loi, An loc, Song Be & Lai Khe

Brownwater Navy
A sailor's view - Vung Tau, Dong Tam, Long Xuyen and much more.

9th Infantry

187th Attack Helicopters Company Web Page
Just a great page

"A" Battery 6/27 Artillery - Quan Loi

101st Airborne - Vietnam

25th Infantry - Vietnam

104 Signal Squadron
Our counterparts form Australia, Great guys and Better drinkers!

25th Infantry
We served with these guys in Lai Khe and Quan Loi

25th Infantry - Vietnam

Vietnam Unclassified
Everything you ever wanted to or needed to know about Vietnam Thanks to Jasper Sims for this link

Vietnam War Resources

Song dedicated to those who served. By Samuel R. Bierstock, MD

Song worth Hearing