These photos are from Mike Kluttz who was with the 267th-2nd Platoon-April 1968 to April1969

Mike (left) on the way to Vietnam, joy written all over his face

First night "In country"

L-R:?, ?, Spader,Mike, Pittington & Adams

L-R: Rich, Pittington & Mike - Bear Cat

Spader & Mike - Bear Cat

L-R:Spader, Mike & Pittington - Bear Cat

L-R:Pittington,?, Rich & Mike - Bear Cat

Mike with Jerry Forrest - Bear Cat

Mike in hootch at Bear Cat waiting to leave for Can Tho

Mike on a captured NVA 14.5 mm ZPU-2 Anti-Aircraft Gun

?, Mike and Leroy Hohman

Mike on the beach at Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand

Who needs a Line Truck, I'll just move this pole by myself

1) Hoytt Merritt, 2) ?, 3) Tom Adams, 4) Robert Smith, 5) Ken Bickford, 6) Gene Bent, 7) Mike Klutz,
8) Ray Kolawski, 9) ?,10) ?, 11) Charles Lloyd, 12) Bruce Barcik - probably a short timer's party

Same party

Same party

Same party, Hoyt(Stick)Merritt cozies up to his gin

Mike gets a mud facial during 2nd Platoon Mud fight - Bear Cat

2nd Platoon End of Job Beer Bust after Mud fight

Nursing an eye wound with some medicine

Starting Catcher - Bear Cat