Col. John McInnes sent in these photos of Third Platoon working in Cu Chi in the Fall of 1967
John was the Third Platoon's Leader

Platoon Leader of the 3rd platoon - Lt. John McInnes - Cu Chi - 1967.

Cu Chi cableyard, not much to speak of.

Using Auger to dig pole hole, sure beats doing it by hand.

Off-loading pole from pole trailer using line truck boom

How many guys does it take to set a pole? Apparenlty, ten in the Third Platoon.

Running the cable up to be lashed to the strand.

Crew pulling lasher; note the guy without a shirt packing a pistol - security? - this was the heart of the Iron Triangle afterall.

Lashing cable to strand; note guy taking a ride.

Working on the line in Cu Chi.

Working the line in Cu Chi.

Trencher at Cu Chi just prior to digging up and cutting 3-300 pair cables, cutting off communications for the 25th Infantry Divisional Headquarters. After a valiant effort by our splicers overnight, communications were restored. The map showing where these cables were suppose to be buried was off by several yards