Larry Hendrix sent in these Photos - 3rd Platoon (The Third Herd) - July 1968 - February 1970

Larry Hendrix - Jungle Fighter

Larry Hendrix visiting a hut - "Hey mamma-san co-dep in hootch?"

Mommasan and Larry

Poncho Gonzales

Bridges takes aim

Overton about to bodyslam a Vietnamese kid

Gonzales in Dong Tam


Gonzales 'takin a break' in the back of the truck

Alfie in his bunk

Overton in Reel Truck

Bell in Reel Truck

Larry on guard near Dong Tam

Larry entering a splicing hole, rifle at ready

Bridges in front of a bunker in Dong Tam

L-R - SSgt Nikols, Larry, ?,? on bunker in Bear Cat

L-R - Silva, Overton and Johnson in Dong Tam

L-R - Poncho, Alfie, Ski, Flores and Larry hang-out in Larry's 'Man-cave' at Dong Tam

Larry writing a letter home - Long Bihn - December 1968