Doug Freimuth sent in these Photos - Doug was in the 1St Platoon from July 1967thru July 1968

(L-R)Doug Freimuth and Ross Dixon - Bien Hoa

(L-R)Joe Campos and Doug Freimuth - Waiting for a chopper to Cu Chi

(L-R)Charles "Chuck" Swenson, Doug Freimuth, (Copping a little feel)from Austin "Bill" Marks on their first job - Bien Hoa - July 1967

(L-R)Lyle Couch checking out the TV guide (just kiddng, it's an Army Manual) - Bien Hoa

(L-R)Doug Freimuth, Michael Norsworthy and Jim Velin - Ben Tre - 1968

Arnold Thacker - June 1968