These photos are from Bruce Barcik-267th-2nd Platoon- July 1967 through July 1968



Bruce Barcik in 1967 - Bien Hoa



Jerry Essex sandbagging in Bien Hoa



Dudley Sook - Bien Hoa



Bob Eanes and Bruce Barcik - Bien Hoa



Jack Evans and Kim Kiser in Bein Hoa Motor Pool



Jasper Sims - Bein Hoa



Isamu Nakashoji - Bear Cat



L-R: Gene Bent, John Kelley, Bob Eanes - Vung Tau



L-R: John Kelly, Gene Bent, Bob Eanes on the beach at Vung Tau



L-R Marvin (Maarrvin) Finch and Ron Bost - Bien Hoa



James "Hunter" Hunt and Bruce Barcik - Bien Hoa



Gene Bent - intermediate bunker on Bien Hoa perimeter - TET 1968



Our hootch in Bien Hoa



1st Sig. Bde. "Otter" It was rumored to have been downed 7 times, never once to enemy fire.



Damage across from Bien Hoa ARVN Base after TET 1968



VC Tunnel? Never ventured in to look - Just outside the motorpool in Bien Hoa



"Cell" of B-52's on the way to the Iron Triangle(?) during Tet of 1968



My area while in company, Bien Hoa



My last night "In Country"- 90th Replacement - Long Bihn - July 16, 1968


Quan Loi Aerial Photo - Spent the start of '68 Tet Offensive here (our second time here). We were in a hootch located in wooded area "l". Hot showers were near "O". Enjoyed the Frenchman's swimming pool, thanks to Doug "Frenchie" Michuad. Photo taken 1970