On October 3rd 1967 part of the 2nd Platoon convoyed from Bien Hoa Army Base to the Port of Siagon where we loaded trucks and personal onto a LSU for a trip to Long Xugen.

Thanks to Wayne Sprecher for these photos.

Before Picture: Empty “Army” LSU waiting to be loaded

Loading the Auger Truck. Everyone watches, at right Msgt. Martinez and Sgt. Somoya look on.

Deuce and a half with utility trailer loads

Taking a break during the loading

L-R: Ssgt Ruffin, Msgt Martinez, unknown, Take a break in the shade.

“They're never going to fit all those trucks on this boat.” Dale Spader looks on.

Okay, we got them all on, where do we sleep? Answer: “In your trucks.”

After Picture: Fully loaded! Now how do we close these doors?

Traveling down the Mekong River to Vung Tau (an in-country R&R Center) where the boat had a mysterious break down that took three days to fix. Upon leaving Vung Tau we sailed into the South Sea, south to the mouth Bassac River, up the Bassac to Long Xugen.