August 2008 Newsletter

Our First Reunion

Has it really been 10 years since I last wrote one of these updates? As some of you already know we did have a reunion in Reno, Nevada in 1998. We had 16 attendees with many of the married guys bringing their wives. We had someone there from almost every year the 267th was in Vietnam and we all made a connection to people we knew over there. We started the weekend with a hospitality night, Friday night, renewing old friendships, trading stories, sharing photographs and basically catching up on the thirty years that had passed. Let me relate an incident that happened that night, Duane Brown worked in the Motor Pool, while in-country, and felt sure no one would remember him. While we were all talking, he related a story of how he got caught between two trucks in the motor pool crushing his leg. As it turned out Gene Bent was in one of those trucks and quite a few of us remembered the incident. I just wanted to point this out, you may think no one would remember you, but you might also be surprised. Saturday afternoon we had a meeting, just the guys and decided we should continue with the reunions. (Oh well, the best made plans...) Saturday night we had a dinner and took a group photo. See pictures below. Most of us met for breakfast on Sunday morning and went home from there. The overall consensus was that it was great seeing everyone and that we should do it all again. Which brings me to the reason for starting up the newsletter again, some of us are thinking it's time again for another reunion. The list of former "Snakemen" has now swelled to nearly 100 and hopefully this could assure a fairly good turnout.

Welcome to the Alumni Association

Edward Blank - Pittsburgh, PA - 1st Lt. - Acting Company Commander from June 20th to July 2nd 1967 also Company XO

Michael Catania - Covina, CA - 2nd Platoon

Robert Lewis - Chicago, IL - 1st Platoon

Paul Nega - Elgin, IL - 1st Platoon

David Platter - Los Osos, CA - Splicer

Ken Hightower - Simpsonville, SC - 2nd platoon

Orren (Huey) Hightower - Salisbury, NC

Harvey Lacey - Wylie, TX

Alex Quintanilla - Laredo, TX - 3rd Platoon

Martin Hopkins - Rio Rico, AZ - 2nd Platoon

Charles LLoyd - Caryville, TN - 2nd Platoon

Howard O. Truitt - Camilla, GA

Ed Delaney - Middleburg, FL

Charles Brunk - Cuba, MO

Mike Morrissey - Newton, MA

Leroy Hohman - Berlin, MD - 2nd Platoon

Ronnie Smith - Gainsville, FL - 1st Platoon

More News Harvey Lacey has a web page dedicated to the 267th Signal Company in Vietnam, It has a lot of great pictures and some stories. It also has my old old web Page. It hasn't been updated in quite a while , but Harvey assures me it will be soon. I encourage you to check it out at . On the upper right of the opening page click on 267 Signal RVN.

I recently heard fromGary Schmidt (Second Platoon 1965-1966) and his wife. Gary is trying to file a PSD claim with the VA, but is having a hard time documenting a couple of incidents. They've done extensive research but have found no written reports, so they need statements from some of us who might remember the incidents. The first took place on December 17, 1965, when a grenade was thrown into a truck, wounding 12 guys from the 267th. The other was while he was on guard duty (on or around January 20, 1966) a fire fight took place in which 3 VC were killed. If you have any recollection of either of these incidents please let me know so I can hook you up with Gary.

I know that it has been forty (+/-) years since we were "in country" but friendships, as the reunion showed me, knows no time constraints. Again we are working at having a reunion in the summer of 2009 in St Loius, Missouri. I will keep everyone informed. If you remember someone you served with in the 267th and need help finding them let me know , I can give it a shot. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me.

1998 Reunion in Reno Neveda

Top row Left to right: Ron Bost,Bruce Barcik,Ken Blair,Kim Kizer,Dave Desotell,Ken Bickford,Jeff Laventure,Doug Freimuth,Walt Cherny,Lyle Couch

Bottom Row: Dudley Sook,John Capega,Eugene Bent,Duane Brown, Not shown here George Duenow

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